Wired for Success


Electrical contracting has always been a male dominated industry. However, at a time when over a million women are unemployed in the UK, new initiatives, such as the “wired for success” program, run by the ECA (Electrical Contractors’ Association), are giving women the opportunity to be fairly represented in the industry.

The program aims to break down the barriers that are preventing women from entering the sector by challenging perceptions attached to the industry. Run in conjunction with the housing association and other partners, the ECA are also offering flexible, bespoke training programs, that reward new electrical qualifications, specifically targeting the domestic market. The program offers on-site technical training and work placements, including business development training.

This qualification will assist those who participate, the chance to either become either a self-employed contractor or give them an opportunity to start a career as an electrical operator in the domestic industry. The program is particularly suited to women who are housed by the housing association and the course has been designed to fit around family commitments and term-times.

For more information contact the ECE on their website.


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