Tips for choosing an electrician

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Competence & Regulations

Having electrical work done on your house or chosen venue can be a daunting task. You will be putting a lot of trust in your choice when choosing an electrician. Therefore need to take the necessary steps to ensure that he or she has an appropriate level of competence. You will obviously want to find someone in your country as wiring regulations in England differ from other parts of the UK.

What to do first

Before choosing an electrician, it is advisable that you get at least three different quotes. When doing so, be clear about what it is that you want done. Additionally, ensure that you receive the quote and the accompanying work specification in writing. It is also advisable that you ask the electrician, of whom you are considering taking on, for references. Most competent electricians will supply you with references without hesitation. You will also need to check whether they are approved by recognised organisations or governing bodies. Should you wish to be extra careful, you can also contact these organisations for confirmation of their approval. Finally, ask the electricians for a copy of their Public Liability Insurance in addition to any complaints resolution policy or issuance-backed warranties.

After choosing an electrician

Once you have finished choosing an electrician, you may want to obtain a written copy of their proposed timetable/work schedule. This is not so important for smaller job but for larger jobs it will be necessary for them to keep you informed regularly on the progress of the work. It is important that they let you know if they are running behind on the schedule.

Agree payment terms

You don’t want any surprises so agree on the payment terms before any work has been started. Some electricians may ask for material costs in advance along with a series of payments whilst the work is being completed. It is also important to avoid paying in cash for any work. Paying in cash makes it harder to keep a record of any payment. Of course, always ask for a receipt.

Make you mind up and stick to it

Once the electricians have commenced work, try to avoid changing your mind too often. Not only will such changes incur additional costs, cause confusion and delays, but it may also put a strain on your relationship with the electricians. If it’s necessary to make changes it’s advisable to put a description of the changes in writing as a record.

Communication is very important

It goes without saying that communication is an important factor when dealing with electricians. If you have any concerns about the work being done, talk to the electrician or the supervisor in charge immediately. If your concerns are not suitably resolved, perhaps contact the organisation of whom your chosen electricians are approved by for advice. Should it come to it, you may want to contact the citizens advice bureaux.

Certificates upon completion

Once the work has been completed, the electrician should provide you with an electrical installation certificate, detailing that the work meets the UK Safety Standard, BS 7671. Additionally, if the work was carried out under the building regulations, you will also receive a certificate detailing that the work has met the applicable building regulations standard.

Of course, keep any certificates in a safe place as you may need them at a later date, especially if you decide to sell the house.

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